Illuminated lettering still dark


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Leuchtschrift noch dunkel
Leuchtschrift noch dunkel, Aquarell auf Papier, ca 42cm x 29cm, Düren 1995

In my search for interesting ideas for my art projects with children, I tried inverted colors, so to speak, to paint negatively, as in analog photography, for example, exposing the film. It seemed to me to be a good way to develop young people’s attention and perception of colors in a playful, individual way – with a surprise effect – which children like very much. As a side effect, Goethe’s theory of color is incorporated, because this work is about complementary colors.

This sheet is one of the first I made during my break as head of the Düren homeless center.

I only „survived“ this strenuous job with adults who were often alcoholics and no longer recognized any rules because I consistently used my break from work to do this kind of sketching. It took me out of the workplace for an hour and made everything more bearable.

The watercolor sketch shows a neon sign, as I remember seeing neon signs when I was 5 years old. They were simply large signs that spread their unique atmosphere in the shopping arcade at dusk when their light finally came on.

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