Sketch: We need to talk


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Lightpainting performance preparation sketch

bemaltes Pergament
Staatsgewalt, Aquarellstift auf Pergament, ca 60cm x 40 cm, Köln 1991

Those who hit don’t want to talk!

It was important to me to create recognizable images as quickly and accurately as possible for the inexperienced viewer, which visualize coherent events in their sequence. The unusual material, a sheet of parchment, was tested by me to see whether the way of painting would later be similarly transferable to the overhead projector. The picture was to be created live in less than a minute.

This sketch is just one of many on different materials. As I worked on my sketch, I became clearer about the choice of colors, the brushes and utensils needed and the composition of the picture.

In preparation for the performance „High Heel Bombs, Projektionen gegen Hallentore“ at the former Bundesbahnausbesserunswerk in Cologne, I tried to find ways to create sketches with cheaper materials that offered a similar way of painting as the painting on the projector foils with the specially produced and at that time still quite expensive projector paint.

It was the first public lightpainting performance since my guest appearance at the Arena in Vienna, where I was still tagging with water-soluble felt-tip pens and Eddings and placing translucent objects on the projector.
In this performance, a sequence of live painted images on 4 hall doors with 4 projectors and amplified ambient noise using a directional microphone and recorded samples by Salvatore Accaputo was intended to convey a coherent message. For this I had developed water-soluble paints that were largely odorless.