Graphic: Wassabass


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Lightpainting Druck auf Leinwand
Wassabass Köln 1996, Acryllack auf Leinwand, 139cm x 79cm

Rich, playful areas of color, sharply separated from each other, similar to a screen print, make this canvas mounted on a wooden frame an impressive work. The template comes from a video frame of a performance in which I let water flow over the projector using a small pump and used it to create the background for bassist Ralf Hemmers.

In 1996, I had the opportunity to have prints created using a special process with UV-curing acrylic paints. I had already received the offer a year earlier, but I was very skeptical. The paint application was really thick, no emulsion on the canvas to hold the paint, but directly on the primed canvas. So I had 3 test prints given to me, which I spread out on my property so that they were exposed to all kinds of weather, rain, snow, burning sun. I taped off about half of the canvas to see the difference later. So 2 winters went by, one of which was really hot, and an equally hot summer. After I had removed the covers from the canvases and cleaned them, I was amazed because there was no difference and the colors shone like on the first day. This was the starting signal for a series of different formats of vector prints, of which this was one of the first. Although I was offered a special, careful service, I also had to pay like everyone else, and not too cheaply.

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