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Projection photo from the performance Elefantenboard

Foto aus der Performance 'Elefantenboard'
Elefantenboard 1, Köln 2006, Foto einer Projektion aus dem Livingroom 1

The idea for Elefantenboard was born in the first Livingroom, an experiment in which the audience was offered wild lines alternating with curved recesses in color fields of a reduced, sparse color palette with video-scenic interjections, all accompanied by the sounds of my brother Eric Olsowski. After a few minutes, I began to talk about forest elephants. The performance visitors automatically connected the lines with the meanings of my spoken words and saw elephants in the rapidly changing drawings. The wavy lines became trunks for them, pointed triangles became tusks.

Foto aus der Performance Elefantenboard
Elefantenboard 8, MF-Foto 6x6 aus einer Performance im Livingroom 1, Köln 2007

The green sprinkles in this projection come from the video projector, which I used to project a video work of a performance rehearsal with basist Ralf Hemmers. Originally, I pursued the concept of using broad, coarse tools to cut into solid color areas

Foto aus der Performance Elefantenboard
Elefantenboard 10, MF-Foto 6x6 aus einer Performance im Livingroom 1, Köln 2007

and trying to create ever finer structures from my movements on the projector. Elefantenboard was a further development or „fork“ of this concept.

The medium format slides shown here were taken from different performances, hence the partially different coloring.

Elefantenboard Projektionsfoto
Elefantenboard 12, MF-Foto 6x6 aus einer Performance im Livingroom 1, Köln 2007

The Livingroom was intended as a public rehearsal space. I tried the idea of image manipulation using language with different musicians who took turns in this place. The audience, rarely more than 10 visitors, also changed approximately every 60 minutes. The blurring of the images was due to the blurring of the projection, which was spread over an area of 6m x 4m. However, they were also caused by overloading the performance and operating the camera in the flow of the projections, so that it was not possible to check the sharpness at all. I used a Kiev88 cube, so nothing works automatically. But of course the live act always has priority.

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