Blue sketchbook sheet 9


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9. Blatt aus dem blauen Skizzenbuch
Blatt 9 vom blauen Skizzenbuch, Aquarell auf Papier, DIN A4, zart gehaltenes Richscribble, Zülpich 2009

This sheet shows structures that are reminiscent of certain beings, objects or buildings. Of course, I am not completely free from all the input that is fed to us every day. The structure in the background is strongly reminiscent of a rather large skyscraper tower and around it the clouds of a blast?

The Twin Towers tale was told to us in 2001, but I made this series of Richscribbles in 2009. What was 2009? Muammar al-Gaddafi at the African Union Summit, 2009 – his famous speech denouncing the hypocrisy of the West, announcing an all-African gold-backed currency to decouple from the dollar and commenting on one of the world’s biggest projects, the irrigation of the Sahel through a huge recently discovered underground lake. His speech was not quite over before the US mainstream was already rattling on, blathering about the threat of terrorism and then, a few days later, babbling about the Libyan people’s desire for democracy. They had probably grown bored of the peaceful times under Gaddafi, including free health services and lavish gifts from the „regime“ for marriages and childbirths, clean streets and the highest GDP in the whole of Africa. In 2011, or was it 2012, the „colorful revolutionaries“ skewered him for it.

However, I recognized this danger as early as 2009, because until then, everyone who wanted to replace the petrodollar had been covered in war and had to give their lives for this „

Yes, I can be outraged by so much stupidity, because my additional training as a qualified social worker/media educator with 18 years of relevant professional experience at the time in qualification projects, adult education, gang pedagogy, intensive offender support and mobile youth work/homeless projects, to name just the more intensive fields of work, gives me a pretty healthy view of the machinations of cliques and, you may be surprised, the behavior of the „top 10,000“ is no different at all. They differ from criminal street gangs only in their chosen linguistic form of expression; their motives and the fundamentally misanthropic orientation of their actions are the same as those of any mafia clique. Here, as there, they are not the brightest candles on the cake, otherwise they wouldn’t need to become criminals.

When I look at this scribble, I was certainly not unaffected by what was being pushed globally. Over the next few years, everything turned out to be much worse. Libya was the guarantor block for the European populations against African migrant flows. This may have lulled Gaddafi into a sense of security, but as a North African he was probably completely unfamiliar with Anglo-Saxon perfidy.

Be that as it may, when I color-pitch the leaf, with more contrast, the following difference emerges.

9. Blatt aus dem blauen Skizzenbuch bearbeiteter Scan Blat 9, blaues Skizzenbuch

In the foreground, a cozy figure sits in upholstered furniture while a cataclysm occurs in the background.

bearbeiteter Scan Blat 9, blaues Skizzenbuch
Blatt 9 vom blauen Skizzenbuch, digital bearbeiteter Scan eines Aquarells auf Papier, Zülpich 2023

I used „scissors“ to cut out two areas for the head of the seated figure and for her left arm in the original and moved them to the right places. Then I copied out the modified figure, changed the contrast and color values of the original and pasted the cut-out figure back in. You can see the power of such a richscribble. The somewhat bland original has been awakened to an expressionistic drama.

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