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Rehearsal in Northern Italy


music: Matthias Wieneke, Eric Olsowski

A rehearsal in the middle of the „Pampa“ in 1995, not so far from Florence, but much higher up. We were here to produce something for Italian television. However, I hardly remember any details about it. As the second cameraman, I was fully occupied with the teams and did my projection exercises on white marble rocks and old houses in the cool summer night of the Southern Alps region. The music came from Matthias and Eric, I used it to record over the original soundtrack, a conversation between the project management and the artists. It is often the case when I project outdoors that people join me in the light and action of my paintings and enjoy talking to each other. Young people like to use the immediate proximity of the moving colorful live projections as a meeting place.

In this video you can clearly see that only high-contrast structures come out well on the dark natural stone of the house, the colors are partially absorbed, what still makes it to the lens of the camera is then no longer really colorful. The eye is naturally more sensitive and can perceive the colors very well even on suboptimal projection surfaces.

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