The Judgment


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For the Kafka year 2012

Musik: Matthias Wieneke, Eric Olsowski

As a group, we wanted to create a performance based on the novella „The Judgement“ for the upcoming Kafka year. It was an attempt to come together virtually via the Internet, as we didn’t have the opportunity to meet in one place. That’s where the project failed. There was no continuity, working „as time allowed“ led to nothing, there was a lack of input to select accurately from the jungle of possibilities and allow the whole thing to grow.

Musically, I think it was a success. The musicians met for rehearsals without further ado and developed very interesting timbres and rhythms, lively and dramatic arrangements for the scenes in the novel.

The artist, alone in his studio, struggled with his pictures, apparently discarded more than he created and, disconnected from the creative boost of the musicians, was unable to follow the Kafkaesque arc of suspense throughout the entire novella, even though the music was accessible to him. It therefore remained piecemeal and yet it is not uninteresting. Watch it and decide for yourself.

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