Little Star


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Performance rehearsal

Der kleine Stern, Probe mit Lukas Matzerath, Eifel 1996

In the mid-90s, I occasionally rehearsed with the Intermission Orchestra and got to know Lukas there. He knew an interesting location in the Eifel where we wanted to meet up to see if the two of us could get something going. His idea was to start with a children’s story. If it had worked, we could have offered it to schools and kindergartens – why not? This rehearsal happened, but it was to be the only one, Lukas backed out for health reasons. Well, what else can you say, I thought to myself. There was something wrong between us – our mentalities were already quite different. In my opinion, you actually have to see this as an opportunity. But developing a program takes a lot of time and a lot of rehearsals, maybe that put him off. It quickly becomes too much for me too, because I always have a lot of building up to do at every rehearsal. Musicians don’t usually think about that, they put down their little effects unit, unpack their musical instrument – and that’s it.

When I looked at the recordings of the rehearsal today, decades later, I thought it was a shame. Of course, in this first joint rehearsal we first tried things out and created the intro for the story and then tried to find moving images to enhance the atmospheric sounds and noises. It was a good rehearsal, in my opinion. It showed what could work. It’s a shame that it came to nothing.

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