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The roots of Yggdrasil

Our Famous Roots


About Gilgamesh and holy grails



Solo Mario Olsowski ..... Bass Guitar

"The crowd's applause now sounds to me like mockeryO you could read in my interior,How little father and sonSuch a fame has been worth!My father was a dark man of honor,Who pondered over nature and its holy circles,In honesty, yet in his own way,With grizzled toil.Who, in company with adepts,Locked himself in the black kitchen,And, after endless recipes,Poured together the adversity.There was a red leu, a bold Freyer,In the balmy bath, the lily weddedAnd both then, with open flame fire,From one bridal chamber into the other tormented.Appeared thereupon, with bright colors,span>The young queen in the glass,Here was the medicine, the patients died,And no one asked: who got healthy?So we have, with infernal lanterns,In these valleys, these mountains,Far worse than the plague raged.I myself gave the poison to thousands,They withered away, I must experiencethat everyone praises the insolent murderers."Goethe: Faust - The first part of the tragedy.: Cotta. 1808 Fish in foil, 2008, Projection of einlaminierten bemalten Objekts „I know that I hung on the windy treenine full nights.Wounded by the spear and sacrificed to Odin,myself to myself.On the tree that no one knows about,From what roots it grows.They handed me neither bread nor a drinking horn,I glanced down;I picked up the runes, took them screaming,I fell down“ Then Gangleri asked: Where is the gods' most noble andmost sacred stay? Har answered: That is by the ash treeYggdrasil: there the gods shall hold daily judgment. Then askedGangleri: What is to be told of this place? There answeredJafnhar: This ash tree is the biggest and best of all trees:its branches spread out over the whole world and reach upacross the sky. Three roots hold the tree upright,extending far: one to the Aesir, the other to theHrimthursen, where Ginnungagap used to be; the third stands aboveNiflheim, and under this root is Hwergelmir and Nidhöggthey gnaws at it from below. At the other root, however, whichextends to the Hrimthursen, is Mimir's well, whereinwisdom and understanding are hidden. Gilgamesh said to him, to the boatman Urshanabi:»Urshanabi, this plant is the plant against restlessness,by which man attains his life!I will bring it to Uruk-Gart, give it to eat there and thereby test the plant!Its name is >Young again as an old man<;I will eat from it, so that youth returns to me. « —After twenty double hours they took a snack,after thirty double hours they sent themselves to the evening rest. So give me back the times,When myself was still in growing,When a spring of crowded songswas continuously born anew,When mists covered the world for me,The bud still promised miracles,When I broke the thousand flowers,Which filled all valleys abundantly.I had nothing but yet enough:The urge for truth and desire for deceit.Give those urges untamed,The deep, painful happiness,The power of hate, the power of love,Give my youth back to me! The Epic of Gilgamesh Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFaust, The tragedy first part Grail Root of Yggdrasil Fafnir:A reproach you will find in a kind word;But one thing I proclaim to you:The glowing gold, the glowing red treasure,These rings will spoil you.Sigurd:Every man will keep golduntil the one day.For once every manmust go from here to Hel The EddaTranslation from Karl Simrock Helheimr The EddaTranslation from Karl Simrock
left site The time of Jupiter has come, the creator of all gods, oh you spaceship commanders, performyour duty for the punisher and avenger. The further multiplication is stopped by the boar, by the gods and by the spaceship--commanders.and, oh, the ships of the spaceship-commandersare dislocated on the moon; mighty father, shining you are. granting sheep's milk, oh, life-sustaining great gods, how effectively you work the great Jupiter's messenger, the builders/tspan>of the beautiful spaceships, the shining gods, the highest ! Dear mankind the sharp beautiful spaceshipswill now do their dutyTribute to the Mother, the ships of the godsthe gods,33 in number, releasing the beautiful shipsthese protective ships, once stationed here, oh Flood, woe! Oh humanity, oh ! right site The work of the son may grant relief,stop the fertilityand end opulence, the godspraise the old times,a radiant god proclaims and calls out toall the highest work, which is now doneby the father, the punisher, bringer of the highest wealth A 100-fold high, long live the cosmic serpentThe era bends, wealth comes to an end, with opulence it is over;A curse issued by gods of the celestial ships,from the moon generated risingsharproaringthundersharp floods; the gods givea message to the 300,000: the destruction of the ferries is to be increased.. The Fathercurses the waters. Oh, may the beautiful spaceships be bound.

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