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de-icon en-icon was created in connection with the public rehearsals, the art association activities and the Livingrooms. This domain was intended to provide a documentation platform for these activities, as well as for activities that crossed national borders. It was intended to create a social network among artists at a time when the dominance of social network providers was not at all noticeable.

The rapid spread of smartphones and the accompanying worldwide flourishing of relevant network providers, which had even managed to become market-dominating companies and multi-billionaires in just a few years – just to show how hot the need could be stirred up in the populations – made the website hosted on at the time, a CMS programmed in-house in the script language Perl, obsolete for this purpose. Facebook and other portals were simply more convenient for the exchange and relatively quickly more functional. I could not keep up with that.

Since that time, the site was used to publish my own pictures and to offer my own art projects and exhibitions to the small circle of interested people, contributors, artists, fans and art lovers.

12 years later I decided to rebuild the website from scratch. Instead of writing a book, everyone writes a book nowadays, I want to document all my works and make a catalog out of it. I would love to be able to click on the individual articles and images and automatically create a print file for a booklet, or a Leporello, or maybe even a book. :)

It had cost me a lot of time to find a good hoster, responsive, helpful, keeps his store clean, means current software versions and of course databases, Mysql yes, Postgresql unfortunately not, but PHP, Rubi and also CMS systems that he updates himself including free certificates. But Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress let me clearly too little freedom.

So I found textpattern on and could install it on lahno without any problems. In principle, textpattern is the complete professional implementation of what I had already programmed myself in a small way on baseportal. Textpattern has a strong community of programmers and they have everything you could ever want pre-built into tiny PHP functions and ready for creative building block use.

Two years later, I’m programming only at Christmas time, I’m quite satisfied with the functionality of my new old arteurope site and also the appearance, which stands out from the Wordpress defaults and Javascript-saturated professional sites by its certain optical carefreeness, is quite okay. The slight style errors here and there I forgive myself, in time I will correct them.

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