FAQ about the right of use


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The idea behind it

You want to give a room mindfulness, creative spirit, an informal communication style, or whatever?

Plants in the right places in the room are certainly recommended, pets also have a great effect, but only art objects are able to imbue the room with spirit in an almost homeopathic way.

Imagine an interview with you, behind you a bookshelf and now the same scene in front of a filing cabinet. Both have a very special effect on the interviewer.
The filing cabinet conveys „in progress“, diligence, care, while a bookcase can express knowledge, (reading) calm, a thoughtful conversational atmosphere and being informed.

Let’s change the background and now imagine a wall-sized painting in front of which the interlocutor sees you, which primary emotions are now addressed?

Of course, it depends on the colours and the style and a lot of other things, but primarily something deeply human is conveyed in any case, it connects you with the character trait empathy, which a bookshelf is much less able to do, not to mention a filing cabinet.

The right picture, in the right size in the right light, can influence the spiritual current of a room in a very subtle way. First and foremost, ask yourself what you want to treat your eyes to when you enter the room. Holiday pictures?, nice for the bedroom. Pictures of your family, nice for the living room, a little bit of that anyway, it’s also good for your place of work, especially if you do a boring job that is routine in many areas. Whenever you ask yourself why you do it, your life partner winks at you from a gold frame.

Always remember that subconsciously you cannot resist „input“, neither in seeing, nor in hearing, smelling, tasting, or feeling. The information always reaches the thalamus immediately, whether you want it to or not. This is how advertising works, for example. You mean advertising doesn’t work for you? In this case, assume that advertising has found its way into you quite subtly, that will probably be closer to the truth.

What do you need when you enter the room in the morning? A dose of creativity? Do you need „all colours“, or rather asceticism? We go through many a stage of life and so it is the most natural thing in the world to also adapt your surroundings where you can. But where now to put that painting by an artist who is not one of the top 100 highly favoured by the relevant gallery owners? Can you sell it? Certainly – but when will a buyer be found?

I take every picture back to myself.

How unpleasant I feel when one of my paintings is discarded and has to make way. But for this I have created a win-win situation with my right of use.

What security is offered for a repurchase?

20% of the promised surrender value is deposited. Please bear in mind that the money you entrust to your bank is secured with a security deposit of only 1%. The bank, like all banks, assumes that never all bank customers, or a large proportion of them, will withdraw their funds at the same time. My security deposit is 20 times higher.

Although I am happy when a painting is resold and a compliment is attached to my work, it is also something very touching for me to get one of my paintings back. It must not be damaged – I am very happy about that.

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