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whimsical woodlands


Skurile Waldlandschaft, Foto aus einer Performance whimsical woodlands, MF-Foto Performance Elefantenboard, Livingroom 1, Cologne 2007


Skurile Waldlandschaft, Foto aus einer Performance

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Make your own judgment


Lightpaintingfoto aus einer Overheadprojektor-Performance
Das Urteil, Preprint auf Latex, 80 x 60 cm, Zülpich 2012


lass` die reinen Fakten sprechen, dann wirst Du es ja selber seh`n, die nackten Fakten brechen dir die Illusion vom VirusGen.

(Let the pure facts speak, then you will see it for yourself, the bare facts break the illusion of the VirusGen.)

Make your own judgment —-> NOW



bewahre Ausschnitt aus einer Projektion zur Druckdatei verarbeitet, Köln 2020,

Rapbellions – IMDNM.mp3


Is it that time again?


skaliertes Videoframe 1995 The only time I watched television was when I was married, and that was realy nice with her. We watched a soap together and at last the news. Otherwise, the TV was still on when she was ironing, unbelievable. I also iron, rarely, but while doing something else?, yes, that amazed me. Once briefly not paying attention, a wrong movement and bam a wrinkle ironed in, that’s how it goes with me. Before and after marriage I had no need for TV. For a while online games hijacked me, but after a couple of years I ended up with chess again, it’s truly the most exciting game. Otherwise I dance through the internet and to prevent the exorbitant consumption from the beginning, I use a data volume instead of a flat. I have to think about what I want to know from the Internet before, a random clicking and sprinkling only leads to the fact, that I can download no more mails in the middle of the month. I have set up some bookmarks to websites that inform me socially and politically – and that’s how I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now. Before that it was about 40% internet, 50% newspaper and maybe 10% radio and TV, rather less. But as a media educator and a film lover, that’s no surprise. Watching a good movie, that is constantly cut up by commercials causes, creates pain inside me and what public broadcasting has allowed itself to do, for many decades now, possibly it has never been any different before, has often been an imposition. But recently even that is still topped.

A youtuberin shows me today postings of ARD and ZDF – posted on twitter, or elsewhere published, I had no desire to follow the source links provided by her, because she has called these postings in her smartphone and held them in the camera.
The ZDF advertised in his announcement for understanding for the setting on fire of construction machinery and a crane in a residential area in Berlin, because of the tricks of the apartment owners the people probably understandably finally burst the collar and the ARD rushed in her posting against the request of unvaccinated their freedoms back to want to get.

Normal tenants are annoyed perhaps about rent increases, ignite therefore however no construction machines, that do only criminal psychopaths, who assume that the state authority will not punish it in this time and it does not matter to them. whether such a crane possibly falls into a house, or slays cars and passers-by.

We remember that recently only both institutions had severely condemned that from a demonstration procession against the Corona measures a sandwich was thrown in the direction of the police.

And what the vaccination has matter with the defense rights against the state is nowhere even rudimentary in the public broadcastings debated, I would have experienced it even if I do not watch TV.

First of all, vaccination is not a vaccine but a gene therapeutic, which is something different. Secondly, enormous damage is caused by this process. For example, we have so far in Germany 18 minors who died of, or with C, a vaccination of all minors would kill, according to the current state of knowledge, about 5000 minors, or permanently harmed them. For these reasons, taking the gene therapy drug is voluntary, since neither the state nor any insurance company can or wants to pay for the damages. This weighing between advantage and disadvantage of a gene therapy is now manipulated by the public broadcasting TVs to the effect that apparently it should already be clear, that non-vaccinated people should also no longer have human dignity, equal treatment and the right to freedom of movement, to name only 3 of the 19 rights. We already know that from our history.

So, what do we have so far and what was it like in the 30s:

  • 1. a massive restriction of civil defense rights against encroachment by the state, so it began then, so it is today.
  • 2. division of the population into good and bad, so it was then, so it is today.
  • 3. enabling authorization law, so it was then, so it is today.
  • 4. acceptance of violence by thugs, how similar, that’s like a roadmap.
  • 5. media exclusion of population groups, then via radio, today on all channels.
  • 6. expropriations, mainly large corporations earned from it, then, as now.

Well, then I already know the next steps:

  • 7. incitement of the obedient population group against selected minorities, then by race, today probably by vaccination.
  • 8. thug gang use against property and possessions of pilloried minorities.
  • 9. establishment of so-called protective camps for the victims of the so-called popular anger, then Gettho, then KZ, today—-, I bet they have already created a nice word for it. Now it comes back to me: FEMACAMP. Statement von Christine EnGarde
  • 10, Now we shoot back.

After that, it’s war. A ten-point plan, should we actually put up with it?




Dance with the fear


Gaslighting and framing are by far the most common techniques to manipulate crowds. Both terms come from psychology. I speak here intentionally of crowds and not of peoples. It is difficult or impossible to gaslight a crowd, which is why it is indispensable for the success of these techniques to fragment the people’s society. In gaslighting, the victims are talked out of their personal feelings in favor of imaginary, generally correct views, which are enriched and underpinned with pseudo-feelings. Over a relatively short period of time, about half of a generation, the „general“ truth and thus the perception of the individual can be effectively manipulated in every conceivable direction. The goal is, in fact, to reduce individual autonomy to absurdity without the victims even suspecting it. The media conformity is understood as the perception of the (democratic) majority as correct and right. The process is accepted as its own development and view. A nightmare, beating heart, wake up!

Who tells half the truth tells a whole lie.

Own thoughts



Soul text

Could a tree wonder where it is going with him? Rather not, a tree cannot go, how should he come on the idea to go a way and to arrive somewhere? That are only thoughts of a being, which possesses the possibility to be able to move. And suddenly it is no longer only the physical body, but immediately the whole spirit, the own thoughts, which must move constantly toward new goals and want to follow any ways. A fatal confusion. A bred confusion, because advertising, world views, propaganda, manipulation etc can work, and it works as everyone knows, which is also impressively proven by the enormous annually increasing budgets for exactly these purposes.

The great error to which we, every single human being, *always* run the risk of succumbing, is the identification of one's own soul with one's own thoughts.

However, one's own thoughts are usually not one's own at all, but are caused by external influences. This should also be so, so that you can adapt to circumstances fluently and analogously. If this succeeds, harmony between the entities force, space and time arises, in this state the soul can vibrate. If it does not succeed on longer life phases, chronic longings arise sometime, caused by a longing soul.


Even in childhood, such discordant periods do not have to be very long to cause post-traumatic stress disorder. This can become a strong motivator to want to move towards "goals" throughout life. It is a constant running after the once lost natural harmony, *always* interwoven with the feeling of getting closer to it and yet it is never achieved. It can no longer be achieved in this way.
Some rush bigger, higher, further and see themselves in front, rejoice pseudo that the others are further behind - what nonsense, others make emergency stop, self-medication, drug addiction, addictions of any kind, very many compensate through many small tracts such as smoking, coffee, sex, also through dominance and humility and much more. From this point of view, the one,

  • who *always* has to be "ahead" (fear of falling behind) just like the one,
  • who *never* likes to commit (fear of becoming a target), or the,
  • who *always* needs to experience something (fear of missing something), or the,
  • who *always* wants to be in company (fear of standing alone), etc.

only compensatory traits developed, which deceptively keeps the own soul in sight. It is not the individual motives, but the automating *"over and over again "*, what lets run into the void.


The formula for healthy consciousness and harmony, however, is well known: Stop thoughts, shut up, and fasting combined with lots of jogging and cold showers.

However, this does not always fit with the obligatory roles of our social working life and the demands of responsibility towards other people, not only towards our own children. To accept this in all serenity, to be happy to have found something else compensatory instead of heroin and all the other offered destructions, can already give an excellent "standing" in which one's own soul will take its throne again. The body and also the supposedly own thoughts may run from here confidently sometimes here sometimes there, it is their nature to move. Their way is their goal.


Red tentacles


Livingroom 4 with ++ Doppelplus


Footprints in the sand – ATTENTION – red tentacles
Man with hat

Dream tilts


Those who sleep in democracy wake up in dictatorship.

Quote origin unknown, not from Goethe

Aquarellskizze Traumlandschaft kippt
Traum kippt, Aquarellskizze zum Traumbuch, 12cm x 8cm, Düren 2000


Nur mit Entsetzen wach’ ich Morgens auf,

Only with horror I wake up in the morning,

Ich möchte bittre Thränen weinen,

I want to cry bitter tears,

Den Tag zu sehn, der mir in seinem Lauf

To see the day, that in its course

Nicht Einen Wunsch erfüllen wird, nicht Einen,

Not one wish will fulfill, not one,

Der selbst die Ahndung jeder Lust

That even the apprehension of every desire

Mit eigensinnigem Krittel mindert,

With obstinate scribble diminishes,

Die Schöpfung meiner regen Brust

The creation of my lively breast.

Mit tausend Lebensfratzen hindert.

With a thousand life-grimaces hinders.

Auch mus ich, wenn die Nacht sich niedersenkt,

Even I must, when the night is sinking,

Mich ängstlich auf das Lager strecken,

To stretch myself fearfully on the bed,

Auch da wird keine Rast geschenkt,

Even there no rest is given,

Mich werden wilde Träume schrecken.

Wild dreams will frighten me.

Der Gott, der mir im Busen wohnt,

The god who dwells in my bosom,

Kann tief mein Innerstes erregen,

Can deeply stir my inmost being,

Der über allen meinen Kräften thront,

Who sits enthroned above all my powers,

Er kann nach ausen nichts bewegen;

He can move nothing outwardly;

Und so ist mir das Daseyn eine Last,

And so my existence is a burden,

Der Tod erwünscht, das Leben mir verhast.

Death desired, life to me hated.

Quotation from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, : Faust. A Tragedy. Tübingen, 1808

runaway negative


Weglaufen negativ, Aquarellzeichnung
Weglaufen negativ, Düren 1996, Aquarellstift und -farben auf Papier, ca 35cm x 46cm




Malerei, Rohkarton mit Epoxyd
Käfighaltung, 2012, wasserbasierte Ölfarbe auf Rohkarton in Epoxydharz getränkt, Blatt ca 40cm x 30cm













Open Pentagon


Teile das Meer


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