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Move On


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The jungle takes it all back and WE will never forget.

Stupidity is spreading. Eye be vigilant. Ear listen, mouth be still – breathe. Breathing deeply is difficult. It smells like a swamp and grumpiness. We have to get through it now.

Lightpainting Performancefoto
Jungle jumps into magazin Performancedia MF, Livingroom 1, Köln 2007


Jungle jumps into magazin

A jungle of ideas, creativity and innovations, we entwine, entwine everything, sprout, pierce and break through, blossoms, sweet fruits, a fragrant flood of life and love.

Free and Franked Blood.

The eye owes its existence to light. From indifferent animal auxiliary organs the light calls forth an organ that becomes its own, and so the eye is formed by the light for the light, so that the inner light confronts the outer light.“ Quote: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Goethe’s scientific writings „Entwurf einer Farbenlehre (Draft of a theory of colors)“.

Aug in Aug, Gouacheg
Aug in Aug, Gouache auf Papier, ca 40cm x 30 cm, Düren 1995





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